Rooted In Fraternalism

WCU is rooted in fraternalism.A condition on which our way of life depends. The Western Catholic Union, as a fraternal benefit society strives to make these principles a reality. Security and fellowship forms the basic foundation upon which WCU operates. Through the branch system the need for social fellowship is met. Good organization with proper leadership is the key to success for a branch. However, all the planning possible will never replace the dedication and enthusiasm of active committee workers. Remember that it is people who make up “Fraternalism in action”, not ideas or events.

  • Members are organized in local branches.
  • Regular meetings are held.
  • Each person 18 years of age are admitted to adult beneficial membership and shall have one vote.
  • Branches are located in 6 districts throughout the society.
  • Each branch is composed of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and trustees elected by branch members.
  • There are 14 officers constituting the Board of Directors elected at a quadrennial meeting.