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Westphalia RESIZE          “A billion here and a billion there and pretty soon you’re talking real money.”                                                  -the late Everett Dirksen, Senator from Illinois  

          Although the numbers don’t add up to billions, the Westphalia, MO branch of Western Catholic Union understands that many contributions can add up to make significant improvements in its community.

          In 2007 WCU had a limit of four Matching Fund activities per branch.  But now that the limit has been lifted the Westphalia branch has offered its support for many needy charities.

          First and foremost the branch strives to support Catholic education.  Already this year they’ve helped Sacred Heart Church, Holy Family Church, St. Thomas Preschool, Sacred Heart School, St. Joseph’s School, St. Thomas CYO, St. Cecilia CYO, Our Lady of Prompt Succur, the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, and others.

          In Westphalia, the community is learning why fraternal benefit societies are crucial in this country.  “Some people think it’s just too good to be true, or there’s a catch,” says district coordinator Janice Boessen.

          Isn’t it a shame that today people might think “there’s a catch” if you offer help?

          “Help” is so rare that some people don’t even recognize it.

          But nestled in the hills just south of Jefferson City, MO is a branch that “gets it.”  They’ll do almost anything, anytime to help someone in need.  “The sky is the limit, no doubt!” says Janice.   “I am very optimistic about the WCU’s future and many more possibilities on the Matching Fund activities.”




ACTIVITY                                                                            TOTAL DONATED

Chili supper and bingo                                                                         $    832

Chili supper and bingo                                                                         $    780

Jump-a-thon                                                                                          $ 2,100

Pitch Tournament                                                                                 $ 2,120

Bake Sale                                                                                              $    700             

Bake Sale                                                                                              $    800                   

Washer Tournament                                                                             $ 1,090                  

Benefit Dance/Auction                                                                        $  5,638          

Talent Show at school                                                                          $     134                                 

Plant Sale                                                                                             $  2,744                

Kickball game at school                                                                       $     230           

Concession Stand                                                                                 $     842                   

Barbeque                                                                                              upcoming                  

Penny Collecting                                                                                  $  1,581                     

Bake Sale                                                                                             upcoming                        

Cater a wedding                                                                                   upcoming


          An active branch will attract more active members. And the more members involved will translate into more people helped.   All donations matter, big and small.  “Every time I call the school the secretary comments about how thankful St. Thomas is for all WCU has done for their school,” Janice says.

          In recent years, we’ve heard the question asked “What Would Jesus Do?”

          He would help.

          Just like the Westphalia branch.  Once of Janice’s favorite bible verses says it all:  “You make me glad O Lord, by Your deeds, at the works of Your hand I rejoice.”