Year-Long Fundraiser Tops $100,000


Gail Grawe Cards RESIZE 2012          Thanks to a year-long effort to purchase gift cards through the Gene Grawe Fund, $106,250 is being distributed to help 425 Quincy families off-set some of the costs of Catholic school tuition for the 2012-13 school year.  That is $250 per family.

          In five years, the Gene Grawe Fund has provided $458,000 in tuition assistance to Quincy families.

          “What this program is all about is helping others, and at the same time, helping ourselves.” said JoAnn Witte, Director of the Gene Grawe Fund.  “In the Bible, in Ephesians 2:10, it says to help each other, and that’s what our community is doing here.”

          Many area businesses are now involved in the program, with some providing as much as an 18% kickback for gift cards purchased through the Gene Grawe Fund.  The program grows each year.

           “There are so many people in Quincy who are working hard to make Catholic education affordable for everyone,” Witte said.

           Along with the gift cards, many participants support the fund through on-line purchases through  Once shoppers register under the Gene Grawe Fund, any purchases through hundreds of additional merchants add money to the annual award.

           “It helps every time we buy a gift card,” Witte said.  “We had 29 families who purchased over $20,000 in gift cards.  Of course, they encouraged many others to take part.  It’s so easy.  Our gift cards are available seven days a week.”

           Families who want their students to be eligible for next year’s awards need to register again. All Quincy residents are encouraged to purchase the gift cards to support these families.