“We’ll Build On The Past”-Roger Player

Roger PlayerHello Members:
On January 1st, I assumed the duties of President & CEO of our Society. While I am new to the
position, I am not new to Western Catholic Union. I have been a member for over 40 years.
I was first elected to the Board of Trustees in October 2000.  I have been Chairman of the Board since July 2011.  Even before joining the Board in 2000, I knew a little about the business of WCU as my father, Steve Player, had been with WCU for many years. Dad started out as Director of Sales and retired as National Treasurer.  From both Mom (Ceil) and Dad I learned about the good times had at the WCU branch functions and the good works the branch members performed. Those good examples made it easy for me to accept the offer to run for the Board in 2000. My own branch experiences and my association with the officers and staff of WCU were positive influences in my decision to become the President & CEO.
WCU has been fraternally and financially serving its members since 1877.  As in our personal lives, WCU has endured through good times and bad. We have seen war and peace; boom and bust.  Through it all, WCU members have maintained the faith; supporting and benefitting each other and our communities. The work and fun seen in our branches reflects the fraternal side of our Society.  Sales of Life Insurance and Annuities, along with proper investment of that revenue provides the funds our branch members need to feel financially secure enough to donate some of their time, talent and treasure to their communities in the name of WCU.
During the last year, WCU’s branches raised more than $671,000 for charities in local communities, and in the past seven years, that total exceeds more than $3.7 million. I am proud of WCU’s outreach through our branches.
At a recent sales meeting I told the agents that, as President & CEO of WCU, “I am here not to break from the past, but to build on the past.”  It is my duty to assure that our mission, so ably followed for 139 years, is sustained into the future. With the support of my wife, Nancy, my staff, our agents and the work of our current and future branch members, WCU will prosper.