Thanks from HALO, Inc.

Thanks from HALO, Inc..Dear WCU,

Thank you for your donation provided in Matching Funds to the Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization, Inc. (HALO), as a match to the funds and work being provided by Lutheran Church of the Resurrection to improve the sleeping rooms for our families in shelter.

As you well know, families and individuals in our Racine community go without proper food, shelter and essential medical care every day due to a variety of factors. For HALO to help these families and individuals regain stability in their lives with work and housing, many complex life issues must be addressed and dealt with. Each person who comes through the doors seeking help requires an individual assessment, a plan and a variety of resources to execute that plan. It is a great joy each time we see an individual or family who perseveres and moves out of our programs to a sustainable independent life.

This matching gift from Western Catholic Union Branch 400 will give us the ability to keep HALO a safe, secure and pleasant environment for families to shelter while the parents do the hard work of transforming their lives in such a way as to regain self-sufficiency for themselves and their households.
Kevin J. Cookman, Executive Director
HALO, Inc.

WCU Racine, WI, Branch 400 held a silent auction and sale of homemade quilts and pillow cases to benefit the HALO Homeless Shelter. Adele Helmlem of the Resurrection Church and Society committee presents the WCU $500 Matching Fund check to Kevin Cookman, Executive Director of HALO, Inc.