Roger Player Named President & CEO

Roger Player for web site 2016


Western Catholic Union names Roger W. Player the President & CEO of Western Catholic Union.  He had been Chairman of the Board since 2011.


Player has been a WCU member since 1975, and his father, Stephen, served as society Treasurer for many years.  He has been a consultant for Titan Wheel International, specializing in the areas of financial control, including audit, controllership, and risk & benefits management.


Western Catholic Union has been headquartered in Quincy, IL, since 1877.  The society’s 13 founders “resolved to establish this union, through which, Catholics, regardless of nationality or political opinions, may obtain mutual aid in time of need.”  Today, the society has assets in excess of $180M, and sells life insurance, annuity, and medical supplement products in nine states.


“If Western Catholic Union is going to remain an independent fraternal insurance society, we must continue to find ways to improve the operations to assure profitability and growth of surplus in the face of this continuing low interest rate environment,” Player said.


As a fraternal benefit society, WCU also supports a branch system where members provide organization for volunteer and fundraising efforts to support local charities.  Since 2009, WCU branches have raised more than $3.8 million for local charities.


“To grow fraternally, the Society must continually search out ways to encourage new and existing members to include WCU fraternal activities in their busy lives.,” Player said.  “The importance of fraternal activity to the success of WCU continues to be emphasized and remains a focus of the Board and management to assure member involvement in the fraternal activities.”