No Promises for this Life

Bob Ley photo January 2016Western Catholic Union, along with most every other insurance company in America, is a proud member of the Life Happens organization.  The mission of Life Happens is primarily that of awareness…awareness of the benefits of Life Insurance and other insurance products, such as Disability and LTC.
Every year, Life Happens awards thousands of dollars to college students whose lives have been impacted by the untimely death of a loved one.  A couple of years ago, I sat in an audience of life insurance professionals listening to the story being told about one of that year’s scholarship recipients and suddenly it hit me:  I know this story personally.
My oldest son played high school basketball with Rod (not his real name)…Rod was an exceptionally talented athlete who would eventually earn a full-ride scholarship to college to play football.  Through this association, my wife and I became friends with Rod’s parents, Bill and Marcy.  They were a beautiful couple and besides Rod, they had 4 younger children.
The entire community we live in was both shocked and saddened to hear one night that Bill, the father, had crashed into a tree on a country road and was killed instantly.  I knew that Bill had tons of life insurance, so I just assumed his family would survive financially following his death.  What little did I know.
Bill was a very successful real estate developer; by most folks’ standards, he was rich.  He was in the process of developing a large rural sub-division.  This was around 2008-2009….yes, just before the crash of the real estate market.  One of the values of your life insurance policy is that it is your property and the proceeds of the policy (the death benefit and the cash value) can be pledged as collateral against business and personal loans.  And, that is exactly what Bill had done…he had pledged his life insurance policies as collateral.
God makes us no promises in this life; we are promised no specific time on this earth and HE may call us to Heaven at any time.  When Bill died in that car accident, the bank claimed ALL of his life insurance benefits, all of the money that would have been available as income to Marcy and the children to live on, to provide college educations, to protect the home mortgage.
The recipient of the Life Happens college scholarship that year was Rod’s younger brother, a young man I and my family knew well.
Most life insurance is purchased because we love someone….our spouse, our children, our grandchildren.  As we approach the New Year, now is a good time to review our life insurance coverage…do we have enough to insure the protection we want to provide for our loved ones should our time on this Earth come to an end quickly?
From the Sales Team at Western Catholic Union, we wish all of you a Blessed and very Merry Christmas!