Go Out and Share

Go Out and Share Pg1I just want to watch a football game.

I turn on the television, and for hours the commentators speak about assaults, arrests, suspensions, and lack of leadership. Enough already!

I just wanted to watch a football game.
Recently we’ve seen 24-hour news coverage of a terrible situation in Ferguson, Missouri.  A young man is dead, and the community asks “Why did his life fall apart so fast?” “Why was he shot?” “How could this have been avoided?”

I just wanted to watch the news, but these stories are on all day. The result ends up on 24-hour TV, but the true battle begins at home.

This country needs fraternalism now more than ever. We need to love, and to share, and to make our communities stronger. We need to love one another. The senseless acts have to stop.

Pope Francis recently said, “Jesus teaches us another way: Go out. Go out and share your testimony, go out and interact with your brothers, go out and share, go out and ask. Become the word in body as well as spirit.”

This is what Western Catholic Union branches do every week. We gather to share our love, and we extend that love through all of our volunteer hours and charitable support. That is the fraternal system.

A recent study completed Dr. Phillp Swagel, a Professor at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy, reported that fraternal branches nationwide volunteered nearly 400 million hours of their time during a five-year period, with a direct on-average value of $1.6 billion each year.

Those are bake sales, raffles, quilt auctions, and golf tournaments just like those sponsored by WCU branches. They often raise money to support parishes and schools just like WCU’s events do.

Our kids need to love and be loved, and learn to share. There’s no better system than the fraternal system. Our kids need to attend school, and work hard so they can be successful adults. They will need to teach these values to their kids soon enough.

I just wanted to watch a game. But winning and losing is even more important in the real world, so let’s take care of business first. Teach our kids to love and to share. Their education can give them a chance in this world, so let’s continue to support our schools.

On TV they’ll talk about today’s problems, but seldom explore the solutions.

It starts at home.

It starts here.

Go out.