“Go Make A Difference”

Dear WCU.
I didn’t want this school year to end without thanking Western Catholic Union for the many matching gifts they have provided our school this school year.
A year ago our school theme was: GO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. This theme speaks of the mission of Western Catholic Union in assisting in our ministry of educating our young children.
As you know, we have a school community, a parish community and a larger community who value and believe in Catholic Education. They work hard in fundraising. They give of their time and talent to maintain the school and church buildings and grounds. They take seriously their call to be servants of the Lord. However, for our parish to maintain a school we need the assistance of others. Through the matching gifts from Western Catholic Union you have made a difference.
Through our Catholic School at Sacred Heart we are preparing these young people to be leaders in our Church and in our society. We are sharing with them our rich Catholic Faith and Traditions.
Your matching gifts enable us to continue to plant the seeds of faith; nurture them and believe they will bear fruit. My second graders (2 of them) told me the other day that their hearts were transparent. They explained it simply by saying when we show compassion, our hearts are transparent because we show the compassion of Christ. Sacred Heart School is making a difference in the lives of our children. Western Catholic Union is making a difference in the lives of our children.
All the happy faces you see above are the benefactors of the Matching Gifts from Western Catholic Union. Yes, you have made a difference in their lives.

Gratefully in Mary,
Sister Agnes Marie Keena, BVM
Sacred Heart Catholic School
Ozora, MO