Gene Grawe Fund 2015

Gene Grawe FundA year-long effort by Quincy IL families to reduce costs for their students’ Catholic education has been rewarded in a big way.

This spring, 523 families learned that their efforts to make purchases through the Gene Grawe Fund gift card program netted awards of $188,608.68 for this year. The 523 families who participated, received an average of $359.60 each.

The most successful families encouraged family and friends to join the effort. “Most of these families are not doing it by themselves,” said Gene Grawe Fund President JoAnn Witte. “They’re helped by family and friends, including some who don’t even live in the area.”

Ten families were able to earn more than $1,000, and for the first time in the program’s history, one family received more than $2,000. That family was able to spend more than 13 thousand dollars in the program this past year, including groceries, and gas, and most of their other household purchases.

And, according to Witte, the best is yet to come. Next year the Gene Grawe Fund will top one million dollars in tuition assistance for the eight years of its history.

So far, since 2006, Quincy families have earned $959,955.03 to offset costs of their children’s Catholic education. The families purchase gift cards throughout the year, but can also go online to purchase items by scanning the bar codes downloaded on their smart phones.

Witte says that “next year is going to be a big year. The potential is huge. Every purchase made helps us all.”

Anybody wanting to support this program, whether they live in the Quincy area or not, is encouraged to learn how they can participate online. WCU can help you get that information.