Essay Winner Grades 7-9

1st Place Essay Winner 7-9Each year Wester Catholic Union has sponsored their annual Christmas poster and essay contest. This year there were 455 essays and 553 posters repreenting 28 schools in Missouri and Illinois.

The theme this year for the essay contest was, “Christmas is…” The first place winner in grades 7-9 was Katherine Simon, daughter of Carmen and Kevin Simon, St., Mary School in Brussels, IL.  Here is her essay.

When we think of Christmas, we focus on the presents, cookies, decorations, and many appreciate Santa Claus! While all that is fantastic there is someone people seem to forget. They get lost in all the material things and they don’t realize the true meaning of Christmas.

The true meaning of Christmas is very hard to explain and also very hard for some people to understand. So I have decided to explain it to you in my own way that you might find helpful. So I have written the following poem.

“The Month Before Christmas” I sit in my house, Not speaking, just thinking, Quiet as a mouse.

For there is one question bothering me A question that I cannot see. The question seems simple but that is not true, What if I asked What Christmas meant to you?

You might say the presents, you might say the food, You might say the songs and that is all true. But there is something so easy to forget, But don’t worry, Christmas isn’t here yet!

There is still time to learn the reason That Christians celebrate this holiday season. In Bethlehem long ago, A couple was traveling with nowhere to go.

A stable was the only place for them to stay, And the baby was to be born right away! Jesus was the baby’s name, With His birth the world was never the same.

He was the source of goodness and light, All of it changed in just one night. When you think of Christmas, think of birth, Think of Jesus, the savior of earth.

It’s not about the presents underneath the tree, Jesus’ birth is what Christmas means to me. Now that I’ve told that Christmas isn’t all about you, Hopefully, what I have told you leaves you thinking about Jesus, too!