“Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose”

Page 1a Board MeetingYour money is serious business to you, and we at WCU take it seriously, too.

In March,  new Chairman of the Board, Sherri Schaefer and our Board of Trustees gathered at the Home Office in Quincy IL to look at growing trends, risks, opportunities and into the future to better serve our members.

We are excited to offer the best in life insurance and annuity products, and are proud to help our branches raise more than $700,000 for charities in their local communities in the past year.

We look forward to attracting new members in 2017. New members can bring new ideas to our fundraising and volunteer efforts.

WCU was founded 140 years ago, and has been providing quality insurance and annuity products from the very beginning. However, in our history, our organization has needed to bring in fresh ideas and new, active members.

Get involved. Bring your friends. And let’s make WCU stronger than ever.