Branch 148: How ’bout them apples?

Br. 148 Bags of Groceries Pg. 8cDear WCU,
Hello, my name is Jessica Welker. You may not know me, but I am sure you know my grandparents, Lawrence and Shirley Buchheit. My grandparents and my mom picked up a couple boxes of food and hams for me to take to my students in Fredericktown, MO. My students attend the Fredericktown Alternative School. Each of them come from complex backgrounds. Some of them are responsible for waking themselves up in the morning to get themselves to school, because no one else is around to do it. Some of them have been living on their own or with a family friend since they were young. Some of them come from drug, alcohol, or abuse backgrounds. Some of them have parents they have never seen. Some never want to see their parents again. I don’t tell you this to bring you down. I tell you this because these kids are like family to me. I want you to understand just how much your donation means. You helped make their lives a little easier this Christmas. Words can never truly express my appreciation for what you have done and continue to do with your program.

I wanted to let you know exactly what I did with the food you gave me.     First, I took the hams to ALPS to be sliced and then I divided the hams up into 13 bags. Next, I took the boxes of food and divided them up into 13 bags. Each student got a bag with approximately 15 slices of ham and a bag of food. In each bag there was a boxed dinner, box of muffins, can of green beans, can of corn, can of fruit, dessert mix, 2 Ramen noodle packages, 2-3 bags of popcorn, 3-4 drink mixes, and a boxed potato mix.  Also the students each received a personal hygiene item, one extra food item and 4 boxes of cereal of their choice.

I wish you could have seen the students’ excitement when they realized the food was for them. If the students were unable to take the supplies home, my principal, Eddie Dunivan, made phone calls to students’ homes and had parents come pick up the supplies. They were over joyous to receive the extra food. I was told, “God Bless” multiple times from both the students and their parents. One girl even told me that the very first thing she was going to do when she got home was take a shower and wash her hair with her new TRESemme shampoo. I know you do not expect anything in return. However, I hope that this letter touches you in the way that you have touched my students.

Merry Christmas and God Bless,

Jessica Welker, 6-12 English Teacher Fredericktown Alternative School Frederickstown, MO